NLB Bank donated 30,000 euros to support women victims of violence

As part of a large regional donation campaign of the NLB Group, NLB Bank AD Skopje donated 150,000 EUR to 5 civil society organizations and institutions in the amount of 30,000 EUR for each donation.

The National Network to End Violence Against Women and Domestic Violence is one of the organizations that received such a donation intended for the Women’s Intervention Fund and the Women’s Support Center. The winners were selected by the employees of the Bank through an internal survey, recognized as organizations and institutions that bring positive changes and are a strong support in the local community.

So far, this is the largest donation in the National Network and comes at a time when it is extremely needed both for the Women’s Support Center and for all current and future beneficiaries of the Women’s Intervention Fund. The funds from the donation will be used for the uninterrupted provision of specialized services for women victims of gender-based and domestic violence in order to provide full assistance and support in leaving the violent environment, and enabling a safe and secure future for a life without violence for many women and children.

Huge thanks to NLB Bank AD Skopje, first of all, for recognizing the National Network as one of the key organizations in the fight against violence against women, but also for the commitment of NLB Bank in creating a better and sustainable future for all citizens. With that, NLB Bank shows a true example of social responsibility with a highly developed awareness of solidarity, empathy and humanity.

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