Support in Exercising Social Rights

Assistance and support in exercising the rights from the area of social protection is provided by the social worker who is engaged in the Counseling Center for Women and Children Victims of Gender-Based and Domestic Violence. After the initial conversation, the social worker assesses the current situation of the woman and her children (if any), including their needs, and informs the woman about the opportunities for exercising her social and health care rights.
If necessary, the social worker accompanies the victims to other institutions in order to exercise their rights to social, child, and health care. The social worker also assesses the level of education and skills of the victim, and based on the assessment, together with the victim identifies appropriate programs for improving the skills and education Additionally, in accordance with the existing employment measures in the Employment Agency of R. North Macedonia, the social worker in cooperation with the career counselor helps the victim to find employment.
Women who have survived violence and have not yet reported it, or have reported it to the competent institutions, but have not received adequate protection, and who turn to the Counseling Center, will receive all the necessary information from the social worker, as well as escort to the institutions to report the violence.

If you want to schedule a conversation with the social worker, depending on the city where you live, call one of the Women’s Support Centers.