Principles of operation of the National Network

Principles of the attitude towards the problem of violence against women and domestic violence

Respect for women’s human rights – The Network recognizes women’s human rights and treats them in accordance with applicable international conventions and declarations;

Gender-sensitive approach to the problem of violence against women and domestic violence – Violence against women is not an individual, occasional act of ill-treatment, but is systemic, structurally and deeply rooted in the historical relationship of inequality between men and women. This approach means violence directed at a woman just because she is a woman, or violence that disproportionately affects women. Domestic violence is one of the forms through which violence against women is manifested;

Condemnation of violence – There is no justification for any form of gender-based violence, including domestic violence;

Advocating for victims’s interests – Women victims of violence are never to blame for the violence they suffer. The abuser is responsible for his behavior;

Functional practice-based approach – Preventing and tackling the problem of violence against women is based on internationally accepted standards and good practices.

Principles of cooperation between the member organizations of the network

Solidarity and cooperation of the members – Solidarity means mutual support and cooperation of women within the organizations, the organizations among themselves, as well as cooperation with the governmental and non-governmental sector;

Transparency – The work of the Network and member organizations is public and based on accessibility and exchange of information.