Crisis Center Hope – SOS Line and Crisis Center

The Women’s Organization of the Municipality of Sveti Nikole

Nikole through the Office for Free Legal Aid and Psycho-Social Support aims

aims to contribute to easier access of legal and psycho-social support

for marginalized persons and communities through effective implementation of the Law on Free Legal Aid.

The office offers:

• Easier access to the opportunities offered by the law for free legal aid

• Legal advice on the right to use free legal aid

• General legal information

• General legal advice

• Assistance in filling out forms, forms issued
by an administrative body in an administrative procedure +389 32 444 620
• Free psycho-social assistance and support for easier +389 32 440 032
overcoming of the situation.
(divorce, violence, discrimination, abuse, other violation of your rights or if you feel misunderstood or not accepted by the environment)


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