Psychological Counseling and Support

Psychological help and support is provided by a licensed psychotherapist who is engaged in the Counseling Center for Women and Children Victims of Gender Based and Domestic Violence. Through individual continuous sessions, it is possible for women who want to break the cycle of violence and who want to leave or who have already left their violent partner, to strengthen themselves, to overcome the surviving traumas and to change their life.

The process of help and support is realized by holding regular individual meetings with a dynamic that best suits the woman. At the meetings, topics that are important for women are discussed, work is done on acquiring skills and knowledge to improve self-esteem and self-confidence, new ways of functioning are learned through which women can live active and dignified lives, choose partners who will respond to their needs and which will enable them to develop intimate relationships based on respect and support.
The conversation with the psychotherapist will provide information on the nature and origin of domestic violence, human rights, opportunities to deal with and leave the violent environment, restore a sense of security, and encourage and guide the client to learn more about themselves and to work on their own promotion and development.

Psychological counseling is especially necessary at the beginning, but it is equally important to exist throughout the recovery period of the victim that faces new challenges arising from the new living environment, new job, as well as informing her about all rights and obligations which she has, in order for her to be ready for a fully independent life with the complete exclusion of the risk of returning to a violent environment or falling into a new violent relationship. Changing the self-image and increasing the self-confidence is a key factor in preventing violence and abandoning the role of a victim.

More information on psychological help and support can be found here.

If you need psychological counseling and support, depending on the city where you live, call one of the Women’s Support Centers.