Career Counseling

The career counseling mentor works with women victims of violence, who are unemployed or have low incomes. Through individual sessions, the mentor helps women in identifying career opportunities, choosing a profession, prioritizing professional goals, time management, career development, etc.
In addition to individual counseling, the mentor organizes and conducts group training for soft skills, such as writing a CV and supporting employment documents (motivation letters), improving communication skills for attending job interviews and communicating with employers. Additionally, mentoring involves informing, providing guidance, and liaising with the employment agency, and assisting in their programs.

The purpose of career counseling is to empower women and increase their competitiveness in the labor market. This will give them easier access to employment and economic empowerment so that they can achieve financial independence and stability.

If you need career counseling, depending on the city where you live, call one of the Women’s Support Centers.