Parents Line

The National Positive Parenting Counseling Line – Parents Line provides help and support to parents and carers in fulfilling their parenting role through practical advice on how to respond appropriately to the child’s behavioral and emotional needs or changes from birth to adolescence. how to adequately respond to everyday challenges.

The purpose of the line is to provide assistance in fulfilling the parental role, and thus to ensure the proper development of children. The Parents Line provides anonymous, confidential, free, and easily accessible help and support to all parents/guardians/carers and family members involved in the care and upbringing of the child/children.

The Parents line consists of one telephone line, which covers the entire territory of the country. The line employs trained people, one operator at a time, who guarantee the anonymity and confidentiality of the information.

If you want to talk to an operator, call 075 230 530, every working day from 15.00 to 20.00, or write to us on the FB Profile
or by e-mail:

You can read more information about the Parents Line here.