Violence against women in all its forms is a violation of human rights. It is not something that any culture, religion or tradition promotes.

Michelle Bachelet -

United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights

As a human rights issue, the commitment to end violence against women becomes a responsibility of governments, not just a good idea

Charlotte Bunch -

Feminist, author and leader of women's and human rights movements

Just as racism is a problem for white people, so violence against women is a problem for men

Gloria Steinem -

Feminist, journalist and socio-political activist

We have not yet made violence against women abnormal, unusual, unacceptable. We have not yet begun to see it as a pathological problem

Yves Ensler -

American author, screenwriter, activist, feminist


Violence against women is not an isolated phenomenon or exception that affects the individual rights of women and girls, but is a global problem and a regular occurrence in the patriarchal matrix of stereotypical gender roles and abuse of power. Violence causes serious short-term and long-term physical, psychological, sexual and economic consequences for women and seriously impedes their participation and contribution to social development and progress. That is why we ask the local and national authorities to take responsibility for reducing the risks of violence and protection of women, who should send a clear message about the unacceptability of violence and a serious commitment to systemic changes that will lead to an appropriate, timely and comprehensive response to the problem.

Services to help and support women and children victims of violence

Specialized assistance and support services focus on the specific individual needs of each woman who has survived some form of violence. Through their knowledge and skills, service providers prioritize the experiences of women who have survived violence in order to prevent them from returning to a violent environment. Using this approach, service providers create a supportive environment in which women’s rights are respected and treated with dignity and respect.

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Break the cycle of violence!

You have the right, inform yourself and make the right decision for yourself and your children.

Violence against women and children can be prevented if we do not ignore it, but report it and support victims to leave the violent environment. Reporting the violence is the first step!


Donate to the Women's Intervention Fund

The National Network to End Violence against Women and Domestic Violence has opened the first Intervention Women’s Fund that provides financial assistance to women-victims of violence who want to leave the violent environment. The opening and promotion of the fund took place as part of the global campaign “16 Days of Activism against Gender-Based Violence” in 2017.

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