Coordination meeting with partner organizations – grantees of the National Network

Our initiative for sub-granting women’s organizations, in collaboration with the Swedish foundation Kvinna till Kvinna, remains active in 2024. Following an extensive process of evaluation and selection, we have identified four organizations to support. Among them, two have continued their collaboration with us: the Women’s Organization of the Municipality of Veles and the Association of Psychologists, Counselors, and Psychotherapists CORTEX from Tetovo. Additionally, we are providing support for the first time to two organizations through the National Network: the Stella Network Association for Equal Opportunities and the Initiative for the Rights of Women from Shuto Orizari.

On March 12, 2024, we convened a coordination meeting with all supported organizations at the social space “Committee”. During this gathering, we delved into discussions regarding the progress of project activities, the timeline for financial reporting, and strategies for enhancing our mutual cooperation. Each of the four projects is dedicated to advocating for women’s rights, while three out of the four organizations are either in the process of establishing or have already established their own counseling centers for women affected by violence, with aspirations to attain licensing and standardization.

The primary objective of our sub-granting program is to bolster the advocacy and service delivery capacities of local women’s organizations, which, in turn, should assist the National Network in advocacy at the local level. This program falls under the broader project titled “On the way to the EU: Prevention of violence against women in the Republic of North Macedonia”, which is supported by The Kvinna till Kvinna Foundation and implemented by the National Network to End Violence against Women and Domestic Violence.

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