Shelter and SOS line

Shelter and SOS line

The following services are provided at the shelter: 

– Assessment of the condition and risk to health and life – Initial psycho-social help and support 

– Safe accommodation, food, personal hygiene items, medicines, clothes, shoes and toys for children 

– Psycho-social treatment for resocialization based on an individual plan for working with victims of domestic violence

– The services in the shelter center are free for the users – Shelter services are offered in Macedonian and Albanian 

– The shelter provides services to users regardless of age, sexual orientation, language, religion, national ethical or social origin

– Accompanying users to social, health and educational institutions according to their needs. 

The shelter center has 50m2 comprising a living room, kitchen, bathroom, hallway and balcony. It is fully equipped with all electrical appliances, furniture, wardrobes and toilets. The Women’s Organization of the City of Skopje also has a SOS National Line 15-700 for victims of domestic violence. The line was opened in 1994 and to this day it works 24/7. The S.O.S. line is operated from a team of educated operators, volunteers, whose goal is to recognize and expose any type of violence and to deal with it. The team has undergone extensive training and coaching to work with victims of domestic violence. Principles of operating the SOS line Anonymity Confidentiality Solidarity Transparency Integrity protection The operator has an obligation for confidential operation of the SOS line. The operator has an obligation to inform the victims about their rights, to refer and if necessary to communicate with competent institutions (CSW, police station, health institutions, educational institutions, non-governmental organizations). Each call is recorded in printed or electronic form. Only the persons working on the line have access to the documentation.