Legal Aid and Support

Legal aid is provided by a legal advisor engaged in the Counseling Center for Women and Children Victims of Gender Based and Domestic Violence.
The legal advisor is responsible for direct contacts and meetings with the clients and assesses their legal problems and needs. In consultation with the victim, he/she determines what her priorities are and what should be done first. On her behalf, the legal advisor prepares various submissions, requests and complaints to relevant institutions. Furthermore, it provides legal advice and advice on further legal actions that the client can take in order to protect her rights in accordance with the legal regulations. This type of assistance is also available to clients via other types of correspondence (telephone / internet) in the direction of urgent counseling and taking legal action. After the final assessment of the legal needs and problems of the client, the legal advisor recommends the use of further services by a lawyer.

Legal aid provided by the National Network includes litigation. The lawyer with whom the National Network cooperates handles cases with a high degree of confidentiality and is at the disposal of the client for whom it is hired. The lawyer on behalf of the client (after a duly signed power of attorney) represents and defends her interests before the competent courts (basic, appellate, supreme and administrative court), the Public Prosecutor’s Office and the Ombudsman and will accompany her if necessary to the competent state administrative bodies (police, social work centers, etc.).

More information on legal aid and support can be found here.

If you need legal aid and support, depending on the city where you live, call one of the Women’s Support Centers.