Helsinki Committee for Human Rights of the Republic of Macedonia - FLL and Safe House

The Helsinki Committee is an authorized association for providing legal aid, registered in the State Register of Pre-Legal Aid Providers. If you need free legal aid, you can call the free telephone number 0800 44 222. If you need further assistance after the conversation, you can download and fill out the request for free legal aid or contact our office. Along with the application, you will need to submit copies of all documents related to your case. If you are unable to provide copies, they can be made in our office. After sending the application by post, e-mail, or submitting it to our office, you will be assigned a legal advisor who will work on your case. Depending on the case and upon your consent, the Helsinki Committee can provide advice, support and assistance in drafting a letter to the state authorities and informing the public in case of serious violations of rights.

The Helsinki Committee provides legal assistance in the following areas:
– Protection against discrimination
– Right to life
– Protection against torture and ill-treatment
– Protection against unjust deprivation of liberty
– Social protection rights
– Rights of persons with physical, mental, intellectual or sensory impairments
– Equality between men and women
– Labor rights
– Right to religion
– Freedom of speech and information
– Protection of personal data and privacy
– Freedom of association and protest
– Freedom of movement
– Right to health care
– Rights of children and youth
– Right to education
– Rights of members of communities
– Protection from domestic violence
– The right to a fair trial within a reasonable time
– The right to asylum
– Election-related rights

A safe house is a residency program that includes support services in the event of a crisis, domestic violence, or homelessness. The safe house is created as a bridge between temporary and permanent housing.

This social service is accredited by the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy of the Republic of North Macedonia and meets all prescribed standards.

The priority of the Safe House is to work based on the principles of confidentiality, discretion, non-discrimination and empathy.

The request for accommodation in the Safe House can be made by calling the helpline 0800 66 66 6, as well as the on e-mail address: For more detailed information you can contact 071 210 475/023 075 025, at any time.

The house is a safe space where users are protected from any kind of violence and which offers a comprehensive package of support and protection services of appropriate quality.

The functioning of the Safe House contributes to increasing the security and empowerment of LGBTI people in society, continuously working to end the cycle of violence against LGBTI people, providing them with shelter from the source of violence and conditions to be able to continue with an individual and dignified life.

The safe house has a capacity for 7 users.
The users are provided with:
– accommodation
– food
– medications
– legal services
– services from a psychologist and social worker
The program includes the organization of:
– creative workshops
– educational programs
– sports and recreational activities
– informal friendships
The safe house is open 24 hours a day, every day.

Phone number: 071 210 475 / 023 075 025
Free Helpline: 0800 66 66 6
E-mail address: