Women's Support Centers

Women’s Support Centers provide free and confidential help and support services to women and children dealing with any form of gender-based and domestic violence, regardless of whether the violence is occurring at the time the woman seeks help or has occurred in the past, but there are consequences and challenges that the woman is currently dealing with.

The Center’s teams consists of a social worker, a legal advisor, a psychologist and a career advisor.

The centers provide:

– Counseling for the exercise of social rights;

– Psychological counseling and psychotherapy, legal assistance and support;

– Referral and affiliation to institutions and other organizations;

– Career counseling and mentoring support for economic empowerment.

The national network manages four counseling centers that meet all international standards.

Women's Support Center - Skopje

Bl. Ilinden No. 162 – Skopje
Tel: 075/255-154
email: sovetuvaliste@glasprotivnasilstvo.org.mk
Facebook page: Женски центар за поддршка – Скопје

Women's Support Center - Tetovo

Str. 29 November No.23 – Tetovo
Tel: 075/344-770
email: sovetuvaliste.tetovo@glasprotivnasilstvo.org.mk
Facebook page: Женски центар за поддршка – Тетово
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Women's Support Center - Kavadarci

Str. Cano Pop-Hristov Бр.61 – Kavadarci 
Tel: 075/480-288
email: zenskicentarkavadarci@yahoo.com
Facebook page: Женски центар за поддршка – Кавадарци

Women's Support Center - Bitola

Str. Mitropolitska No.13А – Bitola
Tel: 075/393-626
email: zenskicentarbitola@gmail.com
Facebook page: Женски центар за поддршка – Битола