Preserving and protecting the mental health of children and adolescents: Presentation of a roadmap and solutions

On March 14th, we organized an event for the presentation of final documents related to the protection and preservation of mental health among children and adolescents in R. North Macedonia. The documents include: Comparative analysis of national child protection legislation related to mental health and psychosocial support, compared with international and EU standards, Analysis of gaps in services, capacities and needs for mental health and psychosocial support of children in the child and social care system protection, including services for children at risk, families/caregivers and professionals, and a Roadmap for the development of services and capacities of the child and social protection system.

All three documents refer to the system of social and child protection, and contain findings and recommendations on what exists and is available in North Macedonia, and refers to the mental health of children and adolescents. A key document is the road map that contains specific steps for the next 5 years intended for all stakeholders in the system, above all the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy, as well as the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Education and Science, the Ministry of Justice, the local self-government, as well as the civil sector.

The documents were presented by the national experts Elena Dimushevska, Neda Chalovska Dimoska and Ana Poprizova, and the representative of UNICEF in North Macedonia, Patricia DiGiovani, had her address.

The roadmap was welcomed by numerous representatives of institutions and civil society organizations, who additionally contributed to the creation and promotion of the document.

Many thanks to all participants in this process, and especially the UNICEF Office for the full support of this project.

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