Bitola, Mogila, Novaci, Resen and Demir Hisar in regional financial support for the Women’s Support Center – Bitola

13.10.2023: In Bitola, in the presence of journalists and local media, a memorandum of cooperation and financial support was signed for the Women’s Support Center – Bitola, managed by the National Network against Violence against Women and Domestic Violence. The goal is to improve the protection of women and children victims of gender and family violence, through support of the Regional Counseling Center in this part of the country, and to ensure the sustainability of the center through financial support of the local self-government.

This counseling center was originally established with the financial support of the Municipality of Bitola. Today, the municipalities of Mogila, Novaci, Demir Hisar and Resen, recognizing the importance of this type of service for their citizens, have joined in support and its financial sustainability.

The counseling center opened in December 2022 in Bitola and provides free and confidential help and support services to women and children dealing with any form of gender-based and family violence, regardless of whether the violence is occurring at the time the woman seeks help , or it happened in the past, but left consequences and challenges that the woman is currently dealing with. The center provides counseling for the exercise of social rights, psychological counseling and psychotherapy, legal aid and support, referral and affiliation to institutions and other organizations, as well as career counseling and mentoring support for economic empowerment.

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