What is reintegration and how we implemented it – Social Media Campaign

During April and May 2021, The National Network conducted a social media campaign to inform the public on the process of reintegration and rehabilitation of women dealing with gender-based and domestic violence in N. Macedonia. The campaign was done through digital banners with information on what reintegration and rehabilitation is, as well as findings from the Basic Survey on the Satisfaction of Women Victims of Violence as Beneficiaries of the Centers for Social Work regarding on how reintegration is applied in direct work with women dealing with of violence.

The campaign consisted of interviews for media and 3 sets of digital banners.

Interview with Ana Avramoska Nushkova for Portret.

Media appearance of Elena Dimushevska for Utrinski Brifing at Sloboden Pecat.

Media appearance of Maja Balshikjevska for Utrinski Brifing at Sloboden Pecat.

Interview with Frosina Ivanovska for 24 Vesti.

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