Training for representatives from women’s civil society organizations on the topic “Representation of WCSO at the local level – preparation of tools for advocacy”

In order to obtain specific information about the needs of local women’s organizations, the National Network to End Violence against Women and Domestic Violence in 2021 conducted an assessment of the capacities of local women’s organizations, which included infrastruture, technical and human capacities, as well as financial capacities, as well as overall project management. In addition, a capacity assessment was made for the skills and knowledge for advocacy, as well as the provision of support services for women and children victims of violence by local women’s organizations, i.e. the specific needs of the organizations for establishing and managing specialized services for women victims of violence and their children, as well as an assessment of their knowledge of the standards for specialized services.

Based on the assessment made in order to strengthen organizational capacities, third 3-day training was held by June 28th to 30th, 2022 at the Hotel Romantic- Veles on the topic “Advocacy of women’s civil society organizations at the local level – preparation of tools for advocacy” with representatives of women’s civil society organizations from Crisis Center Nadezh, Women’s Action-Radovis, ZRE Vision -Kavadarci, ZGI Clea-Bitola, H.Z Majka-Kumanovo, Women’s Civic Initiative-Sveti Nikole, Organization of Women from Sveti Nikole, Semper Bitola, Cortex Tetovo, National Roma Center and Organization of Women Veles.

The training included topics on types and concepts of advocacy, steps in the advocacy process, and practical exercises where advocacy tools were prepared from already conducted analysis and research.

This training is the third of the trainings for strengthening the capacities of local women’s organizations planned within the project “On the way to the EU: Prevention of violence against women in the Republic of North Macedonia”, financed by the “Kvinna till Kvinna” Foundation (The Kvinna till Kvinna Fondation), and implanted by the National Network against violence against women and domestic violence.

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