The business sector gets involved in supporting the Women’s Support Center – Skopje

On March 31st , a financial support agreement was signed with the company Mozzart, thus providing support for the Women’s Support Center – Skopje. With this agreement, the Women’s Center will be supported for the next 6 months, with a total amount of EUR 6,000 in denars.

Gender-based and domestic violence is a social problem, and therefore the responsibility for preventing and protecting women and children from violence lies with the entire society. In a situation where the state does not provide enough support for specialized services to help and support victims of gender-based and domestic violence managed by civil society organizations, and in fact they are the only ones that provide quality and comprehensive services, it is more than important for the business sector to get involved and to contribute to ensuring the sustainability and smooth functioning of these services.

The executive director of the National Network, Elena Dimushevska, at the signing of the contract, said:

“I want to express my immense gratitude to Mozzart for the support they provided to the counseling center for women and children victims of gender-based and domestic violence. The challenges to ensure the operation of the center are very big, especially due to the lack of financial support from the state for this type of services that are managed by civil society organizations. The involvement of the business sector is crucial, and Mozzart recognized the importance of these services and provided direct financial assistance when we needed it most.”

We encourage other socially responsible companies to support the fight to end violence against women and children, and thereby contribute to a life without violence for a large number of women and children in our country.

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