Work meeting with the Council and the Commission for Equal Opportunities of the Municipality of Strumica

As part of the process of subgranting local women’s organizations, our member Sky Plus from Strumica organized a work meeting with the Council of the Municipality of Strumica and the Commission for Equal Opportunities, where they presented the findings and recommendations of the analysis on the needs of women victims of violence in Strumica. The meeting took place in December 2021, during the 16 days of activism global campaign.

The participants in the work meeting got acquainted with the factual situation with gender-based and domestic violence in Strumica and the surrounding settlements, as well as with the specific needs of women after leaving the violent environment. They also discussed about the responsibilities of the local self-government in establishing and sustainability of local services for reintegration and protection of women victims of violence.

Representatives of the Council and the Equal Opportunities Commission in Strumica reaffirmed their commitment to improving the situation of violence at the local level, and stated that they would provide financial support for housing women victims of violence after leaving the shelter, as well as support for counseling for women and children victims of violence. Additionally, the Municipality of Strumica continues with the financial support of the shelter for women and children victims of violence as the previous year.

This activity was implemented within the project “Institutionalization of quality services for rehabilitation and integration of victims of violence” supported by the Austrian Development Agency (ADA).

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