Work meeting with the Mayor of the Municipality of Prilep, as well as representatives of the Municipal Council – ZGI Klea

In November 2021, as part of the process of subgrading local women’s organizations, ZGI Klea organized a work meeting with the Mayor of Prilep, Borce Jovceski, shortly after the local elections and the election of a new mayor. The meeting was also attended by the President of the Municipal Council, Dejan Prodanoski, as well as most members of the Municipal Council and the Commission for Equal Opportunities for Women and Men.

Additionally, the local institutions were included with representatives from the PI Center for Social Work – Prilep, the Employment Center in Prilep and local civil society organizations.

Namely, ZGI Klea worked locally in Prilep and surrounding places, and prepared an analysis of the needs of women victims of violence who left the violent environment, which was presented at the work meeting. Apart from the findings and conclusions from the analysis, the recommendations defined for the Municipality of Prilep were presented, as well as the obligations of the local self-government arising from the Law on Protection and Prevention of Violence against Women and Domestic Violence. The recommendations emphasize the need to establish local services for reintegration and rehabilitation of victims, in order to end the cycle of violence and prevent future violence, but also to prevent the risks of poverty and homelessness to victims and their children.

This activity was implemented within the project “Institutionalization of quality services for rehabilitation and integration of victims of violence” supported by the Austrian Development Agency (ADA).

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