Panel discussion on the topic “On other (un)recognized aspects of violence against women”

During 2022 The National Network to End Violence Against Women and Domestic Violence together with young researchers worked on thematic reports related to gender-based violence. The first report covers economic violence as a form of gender-based and domestic violence, while the second covers anti-gender movements and their impact on violence against women. In order to present the 2 thematic reports, but also the importance of these two topics, on December 15, 2022, we organized an event with 2 panel discussions.

At the first panel discussion, we talked about the consequences of economic violence, possible solutions to promote economic (in)dependence, and the importance of the reintegration of women victims of violence as related processes. The speakers in this part were Tona Karova, who presented the thematic report on “Economic violence as a form of gender-based violence”, Natasha Dimeska from the Cabinet of the Minister of Labor and Social Policy, Maja Balsha from the National Network and Sofia Georgievska, an expert.

In the second panel discussion, we focused on anti-gender movements and their impact on violence against women in our country, as well as the influence of various social actors in dealing with anti-gender movements. Sara Milenkovska presented the thematic report on “Anti-gender movements and gender-based violence”, and the panel was joined by Sanela Shkrijelj, Member of Parliament of the Republic of North Macedonia, Bojan Jovanoski from HERA and Ivana Smilevska, journalist from MOF.

This activity was carried out within the project “On the way to the EU: Prevention of violence against women in the Republic of North Macedonia” financed by the “Kvinna till Kvinna” Foundation and the project “Institutionalization of quality services for rehabilitation and integration” of women victims of violence” supported by the Austrian Development Agency (ADA).

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