Training for service providers to support women and children victims of violence in a counseling center

Within the project “Counseling Centers for Women and Children Victims of Gender Based and Domestic Violence” the first training for service providers who will provide direct services to women and children victims of violence in specialized counseling centers was organized in November 2021. Namely, the participants in the training are engaged as service providers in the counseling centers in Skopje and Tetovo which will be established within this project in December 2021.

The training was held on 05, 06 and 07 November 2021 In X . in H. Skardus, Popova Shapka, where 10 service providers from different profiles were trained, who are part of the team: social workers, legal advisors, psychologists and psychotherapists. The trainers were Despina Stojanovska and Andromahi Naumovska who shared their knowledge and experience from many years of work with women and children victims of violence. The participants had the opportunity to get acquainted with the concept of counseling center and management of such center, as well as the approach to direct work with women and child victims, sensitivity in communication with this vulnerable category, types of violence and cycle of violence, crisis intervention and counseling, as well as trauma and work on overcoming trauma after surviving violence.

The event was supported by the Balkan Democracy Fund and the Royal Norwegian Embassy in Belgrade.

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