Educational workshops with female students from Tetovo

During March, April and May 2022, in the premises of the Women’s Support Center – Tetovo, 10 educational workshops were held with 12 female students from the State University in Tetovo. The workshops were led by Monika Cekalović, a social worker at the Women’s Center, and Nebahat Imeri, a psychologist at the center.

Female students had the opportunity to educate themselves on the following topics:

  • What is gender-based and domestic violence, what are the forms of violence;
  • Domestic and intimate partner violence cycle;
  • Cyber violence;
  • Teenage violent relationships, sexual violence and rape;
  • Patriarchal society, tradition, culture and violence against women;
  • Myths and facts, and red flags/alarms of violence;
  • Consequences of gender-based and domestic violence (Exposure of children to family violence);
  • Mechanisms of protection (relevant institutions, where to report, what happens after reporting, which are specialized services for help and support of victims);
  • Prevention of gender-based and domestic violence;
  • Self Care (Self Care).

The purpose of the workshops was to educate female students on how to recognize violence and how to protect themselves from it, but also where and how to ask for help or refer their friends or family members who need help.

After completing the workshops, all participants received certificates for their participation, after which they themselves proposed an initiative for the promotion of the Women’s Center for Support – Tetovo. Namely, in the center of Tetovo, female students informed the citizens about the services and work of the center and distributed informative materials to those who were interested.

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