139,000 denars were collected for the Women’s Intervention Fund at this year’s Donor Circle

Our organization was part of this year’s, third in a row, Donator’s Circle, which was held on June 9, 2022. This year, in addition to our organization, the Association for Culture and Art “Kolectiv Veternica” and the Center for Youth Activism “Crick” presented themselves at the Donor’s Circle.

We sincerely thank the organizers of the Donor’s Circle, the Association of Citizens “Connect” who this year already chose our organization to be part of this event and made it possible to collect funds in the amount of 139,000 denars, which are intended for the beneficiaries of the Women’s Intervention Fund .

We also thank those who donated and thus helped a larger number of women to have the opportunity to leave the violent environment.

The event is organized within the framework of the project “Partnerships for Donation” implemented by the Association of Citizens “Connect” and supported by the Office of “USAID” in the Republic of North Macedonia.

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