Professionals from 18 Centers for Social Work gained knowledge and skills for reintegration and rehabilitation of women victims of violence

In the period from September to December 2021, the team of the National Network conducted 6 regional trainings for professionals from the Centers for Social Work on the topic: Reintegration and rehabilitation of women victims of gender-based and domestic violence. A total of 78 professionals from 18 Centers for Social Work from the following cities were trained in all 6 trainings: Skopje, Tetovo, Gostivar, Sveti Nikole, Kocani, Krushevo, Makedonski Brod, Struga, Strumica, Stip, Negotino, Radovish, Delchevo, Gevgelija, Prilep , Bitola, Kavadarci and Veles. There were a total of 68 female participants and 10 male participants. Additionally, 10 representatives of the Institute for Social Activities participated in the trainings.

Professionals working directly with gender-based and domestic violence had the opportunity to acquire knowledge and skills about their responsibilities and actions in the process of reintegration and rehabilitation, as well as different forms of violence against women, the legal framework and civil part of the system of protection of women and children victims of violence. In addition, all participants underwent several practical exercises for dealing with specific existing cases of violence and applying reintegration into their work.

According to the pre / post tests completed by all participants, an increase of 21% was achieved in their knowledge.

The trainings were conducted according to the following schedule:

1) 20-22 September 2021, in H. Panoramika – Skopje, 11 participants from CSW Skopje, CSW Tetovo, CSW Gostivar and CSW Sv. Nikole.

2) 04-06 October 2021, in H. Milenium – Bitola, 14 participants from CSW Skopje, CSW Krushevo, CSW Makedonski Brod and CSW Struga.

3) 12-14 October 2021, in H. Vila Park – Strumica, 14 participans from CSW Skopje, CSW Strumica, CSW Negotino, CSW Radovish and CSW Gevgelija.

4) 15-17 November 2021 , in H. Romantik – Veles, 15 participants from CSW Skopje, CSW Shtip, CSW Veles and CSW Kochani.

5) 22-24 November 2021, in H. Romantik – Veles, 13 participants from CSW Skopje, CSW Prilep, CSW Kavadarci and CSW Veles.

6) 13-15 December 2021, in H. Romantik – Veles, 12 participants from CSW Skopje, CSW Delchevo, CSW Kavadarci and CSW Bitola.

The trainings were conducted in partnership with the Institute for Social Affairs and with the consent of the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy. This activity was implemented within the project “Institutionalization of quality services for rehabilitation and integration of victims of violence” supported by the Austrian Development Agency (ADA).

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