Two Women’s Support Centers opened in Skopje and Tetovo

After many years of efforts and advocacy for the establishment of new specialized services for women victims of gender-based and domestic violence, in December 2021, the National Network officially opened two Women’s Support Centers, one in Skopje and one in Tetovo. The centers were opened with the financial support of the Balkan Trust for Democracy and the Royal Norwegian Embassy in Belgrade, as well as the Slovak Embassy in Skopje.

The Mayor of the City of Skopje, Danela Arsovska, also attended the opening of the Women’s Support Center in Skopje, emphasizing the commitment of the City of Skopje for further support and sustainability of the center. Additionally, representatives of the donors were present, ie Tijana Knjezevic from the Balkan Trust for Democracy and Zhaneta Markushova, the wife of the Slovak Ambassador to North Macedonia.

The opening of the Women’s Support Center in Tetovo was followed by a panel discussion in the municipal hall of the Municipality of Tetovo which was attended by Mayor Biljal Kasami and Darko Obadic, Director of PI Inter-Municipal Center for Social Work Tetovo and representatives of CSO Cortex – Tetovo.

These centers are specialized counseling centers for women and children dealing with gender-based and domestic violence, and provide free and confidential help and support. Women who seek help or are referred to Women’s Centers receive complete help and support in dealing with violence, whether the violence is happening now or in the past but has left consequences and challenges that women and their children currently face. Support includes counseling for social rights, psychological counseling and psychotherapy, which can be individual and / or group, legal assistance and support, referral and accompanying to institutions and other organizations, as well as career counseling and mentoring support for economic empowerment. The services are provided by a team of social worker, legal advisor, psychologists / psychotherapists and career counselor.

More information about the services that can be obtained at the Women’s Centers is available at this link.

The working hours of the centers are 08.00h. until 16.00 every working day. Contacts from the centers:

Skopje, phone 075 / 255-154 email:

Tetovo, phone 075 / 344-770 email:

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