Donation from Hаlkbank: All funds collected at the “Dresses with Pockets” fashion show are donated to the Women’s Intervention Fund

Halkbank, the bank behind “Dresses with Pockets” ‒ the creative campaign fully dedicated to supporting women, donated all the funds collected at the auction held at the big fashion show of Macedonian designers Jovana Filipović, Aida Zekir (M Couture), Tatjana Kokev, Monika Kotsareva and designer Marjan Bebekoski.

The funds collected from the auction of the fashion show “Dresses with Pockets” in the amount of over 150,000 denars were donated to the Women’s Intervention Fund. This is the first fund intended for financial assistance to women victims of violence who want to leave or have left the violent environment. Halkbank’s direct monetary donation will be intended for interventional assistance in: costs of medical interventions and examinations, food and hygiene, legal services for women in need of legal assistance, as well as for their children, but also for any other material costs that a woman can have them in the process of leaving a violent environment.

“Halkbank fully and dedicatedly stood in support of women who need financial independence and equality. This campaign is neither a short sprint nor a one-time March 8 action, but a long-term, dedicated support. We are extremely proud and grateful to everyone who donated their funds where our society is most vulnerable: in support of women victims of violence. In cooperation with the National Network to End Violence against Women and Domestic Violence, through the Women’s Intervention Fund, women who need financial assistance will have direct access to funds that once meant life,” said Maja Naumovska-Saveska, director of corporate and Marketing Communications at Halkbank.

“We opened the Women’s Intervention Fund in 2017 to provide what is most needed by women who want to leave the violent environment, which is financial support, which unfortunately is not provided by the state. Since the establishment of the Fund, we have supported 139 women and their children. The fund is filled only by donations from individuals and legal entities, and until now approximately 1,350,000.00 denars have been donated. We are especially grateful to Halkbank for recognizing the importance of this type of support for women who survive violence and with this donation enabled us to continue to achieve our main goal – providing comprehensive assistance and support to women and children victims of domestic violence.”, said Elena Dimushevska, executive director of the National Network to End Violence Against Women and Domestic Violence.

The bank is already announcing the following activities directly dedicated to financial independence, literacy and providing equal opportunities for starting and supporting women entrepreneurs’ own businesses.

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