01/19/2015: Nineteen young peer educators for Gender democracy

Nineteen students from different municipalities in Macedonia attended on the second training for peer educators on a subject „Gender Democracy“, in Etno Selo, Kumanovo organized by the National Network to end violence against women and domestic violence. During the training, through thematic working groups, the participants identified key subjects that relate to gender democracy. Besides gender democracy and discrimination, the participants discussed about the benefits and the importance of gender equality, different forms of gender based violence, gender identity, gender socialization, and upgraded  their skills for peer education.

Elizabeta Bozinovska from H.E.R.A. says that in our society there are many gender stereotypes ,like its’ women’s fault that they are not equally present in the politics, labour market and all other parts of the society. „To achieve gender equality in this society it is necessary to recognize the different needs that man and women have, and the society  should answer to these needs and give both man and women the same opportunities to participate in the society. Through achieving gender equality, the potential of every citizen will be used to the fullest, and that will bring to people having happier lives which will significantly contribute to the economic development of the country“- says Elizabeta Boznivska, program coordinator in H.E.R.A.

Blagorodna Shopova from the National Council for gender democracy, believes that if women and men are equally present in all parts of the society, we will have better welfare in our democratic country. She says: „Gender democracy has an extraordinary meaning in every society, for that matter, this time our target group were the young people. What we mean when we say gender democracy is equal participation of women and men in all societal processes. I believe that women can contribute to the economy, in the  decision making processes, and in the politics in general, and this will directly contribute to balanced progress and improved quality of life and welfare”.

The project of the National network to end violence against women and domestic violence  „From Gender Inequality to Gender Democracy“ started in September 2014 and will end until May 2015.

This project is supported by Schuller Helfen Leben, Germany. Within the project activities, currently trainings for peer educators  on Gender Democracy are held, and these trainings will include 60 young  students and scholars. Simultaneously, manual for peer educators on gender democracy is being prepared. This manual will serve to youth educators as helpful  tool in the process of conducting independent workshops on this topic. The main goals of the project are raising  awareness of gender inequality in the macedonian society, improvement of  knowledge on this sensitive subject among youth population, raising youth activism and introduction of the method peer education as a modern and powerfull tool.

Author: Sunai Sabrioski

Source: www.fakulteti.mk


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