10/ 18/ 2013: Debate on “Gender equality in professions”

One of the activities as part of the youth initiative “Zoom gender- based violence” was organizing a debate “Gender equality in the professions”. The event was held at the Municipal Hall in Veles, on the 15th of October at 13pm. The debate began with an introductory speech by the organizer Aleksandra Aleksovska from the youth club Veles, followed by the speech of the representative from the National Network to end violence against women and domestic violence, Elena Dimushevska. Invited panelists at the forum were: Zaneta Causevski (Mayor of City Veles), Slavica Petrovska (female coach in football club Fighter- Veles), Beti Daljankova (the only female instructor for drivers in Veles), and Nada Benik (airplane mechanic in Aviation in Macedonia).

The purpose of this panel discussion was to publicly discuss the existence/ nonexistence of gender equality in the professions. Panelists shared their experience on how is to work in a profession that in society is viewed as a “typical male/ female”, which challenges they have faced and therefore what are their views on the choice of profession among young people and the impact of already established social norms and values ​​of that decision. At the end of the panel discussion was promoted Stop motion video produced by youth team from Veles.

Youth Initiative for prevention of gender based violence: “Zoom gender based violence” is implemented by high school students from Veles and is supported by the National network to end violence against women and domestic violence and the local office of UN WOMEN in Skopje.

For the stop motion video click here.

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